Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Common Sense Ohio launches new web site, aims to educate voters on issues and where candidates stand

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) October 3, 2006

Common Sense Ohio announced today the debut of their new website, http://www.commonsenseohio.org, which features online versions of the television, radio commercials and print advertisements that have been run by Common Sense 2006. The new site is an integral part of the group's ongoing effort to educate voters on the issues and where candidates stand on the issues.

Nathan Estruth, President of Common Sense Ohio, said "This new Common Sense Ohio website will allow citizens to pass along their favorite ads to their friends and family, furthering our mission of educating voters on the issues while also providing some much-needed yet relevant humor amidst the tireless attack ads in this intense election year."

A common theme among the ads has been "The Zebra," an icon the group has effectively used to contrast the election-year campaign rhetoric of some politicians with their actual voting record. The Zebra has proven popular with a public weary of politicians who say one thing and do another.

"The results are in and people absolutely love The Zebra spots," said Estruth. "The message -- that politicians who've voted one way their entire political career simply cannot 'change their stripes,' reverse course overnight and credibly claim they now support issues more consistent with the people of Ohio -- is clearly resonating with the public."

"Even those who disagree with us on the issues admit that the zebra is apt in this situation because it speaks to an absolute lack of leadership and substance," Estruth added.

The ads have also caught the attention of the media. Mr. Phillip Morris, a columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, recently noted that one of the commercials featuring The Zebra makes a powerful statement about Ted Strickland, a candidate in the 2006 race for Ohio governor.

Of the Common Sense Ohio ad, Morris said: "It's a clever ad....It captures, unintentionally, I believe, the essential problem with Strickland. He is a zebra. He's a zebra who thinks he's a racehorse.... Strickland has yet to evidence anything approaching talented, senior-level leadership, either in his past or in his current uninspired and timid campaign for governor."

In addition to the positive reaction from the public and press, the Common Sense Ohio ads have also won accolades from media industry organizations as well, garnering the "Ad of the Week" award from the Campaign Media Analysis Group.

The ads have also proven to be popular with internet users, a number of whom have posted them on the popular online video site, YouTube.

Some of the multimedia files currently available on the Common Sense Ohio include:

Common Sense Ohio is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization.
Nathan Estruth is the president of Common Sense Ohio.

More information about Mr. Estruth can be found at:


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